Would anyone like to buy my Grobo?

Hi fellow growers!

I’ve come to the difficult decision to cut back on my toking habits & I’m considering selling my Grobo Premium. I spent $2200 on it about a year ago & I’ve successfully made it through 2 grows. I’ve also got an extended 3 year warranty (extra $300), which I’m sure Grobo will honor if someone were to buy it. Any time I need something, Grobo has been very helpful.

I’m about to start my third grow and this is just one big temptation for me to keep smoking a bunch of weed & I really don’t want to so I figured I would try here first.

Unit’s in great condition, it hasn’t been moved since it arrived in the mail. Shipping is going to be expensive. I live in Northern California so a pick up / in person transaction is preferred.

Would ship ONLY if you pay for shipping and also include insurance (I don’t want to be responsible for anything that happens during shipping, this thing is really heavy)

Thanks growers, let me know if you’re interested and we can chat about price.




How much do you want for the unit? My email is dmtyler14@gmail.com. I live in Florida and I don’t mind paying shipping but I need a good price or it’s just not worth it. I have the exact same unit. I just would like another!!!