Hey @Stephen I have a scientific question for you re tinctures and winterization: is it possible to winterize straight MCT oil? Whenever I winterize my MCT tincture with Everclear it seems that I’ve been losing a lot of the THC that’s captured in the oils and waxes that the ethanol is separating. I thought that if I could de-wax and try to winterize the MCT oil as much as possible before I add the flower maybe I could retain most of the THC while removing most of the wax and solids.

My concern is that the flower itself is adding cellulose and chlorophyll to the tincture, so even if I get the wax out of the MCT oil I think the flower is going to add some of that substance back. Is this correct? I’m really trying to make a tincture that is both not like consuming cooking oil and not so strong with ethanol that it burns.

TIA for your help.


I know nothing about this topic so it will be interesting to see how its answered. :eyes::seedling:


Yeah, I hope we get some good responses.




Thanks for the posts. I saw those awhile ago. None of them deal with the issue i’m talking about though. They are good for learning how to winterize if anyone is interested.


Yeah, that’s why I was interested how stephen would reply!
You have some great questions! :eyes::seedling:


@Driver3599 What process are you using for Winterize / how are you separating the oil from the Everclear?


I’m not sure if this helps answer your question but the last time I made oil I used Dry Ice to winterize vs the freezer made a big difference.

I soak my wash for 15 min’s (normally in the past when using the freezer I would wash for only 5 to 8 mins) Dry Ice really seemed to work in keeping the chlorophyll out.

I use the SourceTurbo to extraction the Ethanol from the oil

This write up may help you also

If you don’t find your answers your looking for here I recommend you join this facebook group (ExtractCraft Users Group). A lot of pro’s there last time I looked there was over 14k members edit I see now there is 14,272…haha

I also think you may like this Blog page a lot of killer info there

Hopefully some of this helps you


I was using a distiller to extract the ethanol from the tincture. That does a really good job, but it doesn’t get all of it. It’s funny you mention the Source Turbo. I just ordered it. mine is arriving today. In fact now that you mentioned I think you and I may have talked about this before. That sold me on the Source Turbo. Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it. And if it turns out it was actually somebody else I was talking to about the Source Turbo: well thanks anyway!


Wow. That blog has a lot of great, detailed info. Thanks for that.

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All I can say is there is differently a learning curing to the source but I can tell you my oil is very clean. Even my Ever-clear is so clean after I run it threw the source 100% (clear and clean) I reuse it just like it was new… Just a tip I found stopping the source early pouring it on a silicone mat and letting a fan blow on it for a few days seems to work better for me over cooking it down thick… It’s to hard getting it out when it’s thick… Also a important part is you need to freeze the ever-clear and product for min 24 hours when you combined the product with the wash (Say 10 mins for a example) in the freezer or cooler with dry ice… You must separate the product from the wash ASAP. Filter the product 3 times… and your off to the races…

Last time I bought dry ice for the first time to try it out… What I did was I washed about 6 litres of product (ever-Clear)… to get my money out of the dry ice I have all the washed ever-clear in Mason jars ready to go now… When I need more oil I just run a couple hundred ML threw the source

Every time I wash / extract I’m getting better and better but still learning.

Yes that blog has great information also don’t forget about the group Use the search function in that facebook group… crazy about of info there…

Have you watched all these videos bottom of the page?


I can’t wait to get started. I’m watching for the FedEx guy like a hawk. Interesting about the dry ice. I had thought about that but didn’t have a means of incorporating it. I think I do now though.

Thanks for all the info on the Source Turbo. It’s definitely helpful to know that it’s got a learning curve so I don’t get frustrated right away.

I’ll let you know once I wash my current batch. Thanks again for the help.


If you have trim start with that… If you mess up a bit the first time not the end of the world… The machine it self works perfect it’s just tuning it in to work how you want it…

I use turbo mode not normal…

Ya keep me posted I know @vegetato has a source also maybe he has some tips to add… honestly the best thing to do is watch all the how to youtube videos posted by extractCraft before you run the machine… You will have a really good idea what to do after that


I appreciate all the help. Fun hobby but it gets complicated sometimes. This is a great source to have. No pun intended.


Hey @Driver3599,

Glad you were able to get some sage advice here from our Champ @Mpower11!! We’ve chatted with the guys at Source and may do a product review in the future if there is any interest.

Don’t think you can winterize MCT as it would simply freeze. Not sure what you mean by winterizing your MCT oil with Everclear. Once you are done your concentrate, you should be able to mix it with MCT oil for a final tincture without any loss of potency. Let us all know how the Source works for you too eh?



@Stephen if you decide to do a product review you can call your local LCBO and order in Global… (not sure if you know this) I seen your last video where you used EverClear…

If they have in stock it will not be on the shelf they hide it in the back room…


(519) 886-4970

5 in stock!!! lol

Ever clear is 190 proof
Global is 188 proof

I have washed with both and didn’t notice any difference.

The cost of Global only thing that’s disgusting but welcome to :canada: A!!

But when you use the source you reclaim like 80% of the Alcohol so it isn’t that bad


@Stephen @Mpower11

Thanks for the response. what I meant by winterizing the MCT oil is that I had originally made a tincture using MCT oil ( I guess that would make it technically an infusion) without any ethanol. I winterized it using ethanol to remove the waxes and solids. I use the long tincture process the golden dragon is pretty close to what I’m doing. The problem is it comes out just way too strong because of the Everclear. So I thought if I can strip some of the waxes from the MCT oil prior to adding the concentrate I would be able to add that in to make the tincture palatable without adding the waxes from the MCT oil. Winterizing the MCT oil is just taking a very long time. I have no idea if this will work or not but it’s the only option I know of at this point.



I understand what your saying I think your better off to make a nice clean oil with the source then add that oil to your butter or oil etc

Note: If I’m using the oil for dabs I don’t decarb the buds first. (Smoother and better flavour)

If I plan to cook with the oil I decarb the oil sometimes after vs the buds.


Hey Mark quick question does your crucible have what appears to be a cut mark on the interior? it seems to be like a Dremel line cut into the crucible. This is what mine looks like.


Yes that’s max fill line