Thoughts on what may be causing this? Had support check yesterday and everything was showing normal. The two lower ones that are wilting the most are somewhat dry to the touch.

Probably going to do a drain and fill today. Roots look good, slightly brown due to using Recharge.

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How are your roots looking?

@SWSVIC roots are looking healthy, they are slightly brown due to having recharge in the water.

Got ya, nutrients appear to be dispensing properly?

Yup, pH is balanced, pod is damp and not too wet. May give it another day or two before doing a water change.

Recharge doesn’t really protect against high temps. Are you using hydroguard or keeping water temps in check?


@vegetato I have been adding hydroguard.

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Maybe just try misting it with some distilled water before bedtime.

I cleaned up that pic a bit, is this how green it is?

I’ve seen some indicas come out floppy like that to begin with. Genetics might be a bigger factor than anything else unless you’re seeing deficiencies (not just twisting/sagging).


Manually checked pH and it’s sitting at 6.0, so can rule that out.

@vegetato yes, that is spot on.

Appears to be some sort of nutrient deficiency/lock out. Either Magnesium or nitrogen (most likely nitrogen). Hopefully your drain/fill sorts it out. Not sure what could be causing it as it sounds like you’re covering all of your bases and you’ve already checked in with support. Give her a little time, keep an eye on new growth, and see if it works itself out. If those leaves start looking worse (yellow/brown/dead) I would probably remove them.

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One thing I noticed is nothing has been dispensed from bottle #4, I’m currently on day 11 of 14 for early veg.

If #4 is indeed supposed to be dispensed at this stage, should I go ahead and do a drain and fill early?!

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That could most certainly be your issue, check & clear kinks/blockages and run a drain/fill. Bottle 4 is your NPK, I know the distribution is recipe specific but I would think that any recipe would call for at least a small amount.

Check for a kink or pinch in the hose on the interior side. Sometimes the black hoses can squish them, just loosen 'em up a bit to let off the pressure/pinch.

Well I found the problem, the pump for #4 is pumping the wrong way. Seriously @Stephen? Nice QA there.


Someone owes me a Pineapple Express seed and fresh nute’s along with fixing the f’in pump. Absolutely ridiculous I have to wait until early veg to finds out there’s a critical issue. That’s recharge in the bottom.

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I’m livid right now. I didn’t find out until day 18 that the pump was going in the wrong direction, and I found that out only because I sat there and watched it.

Does no one check proper pump function before shipping?

Awesome that I have to wait until Monday for any support on a critical issue. Glad I caught it quick and was able to clean up the overflow into the lower part of the unit.

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Yea I’d say that’s the issue. Hope they get you squared away quickly. For now you could take a dropper and add a few mL directly to the reservoir to keep her going until the pump issue is resolved. Sorry! :weary:


@SWSVIC I already ditched the plant, not wasting electricity on a futile grow.

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