Wifi dropping

Hey all,

Anyone have their wifi drop on their unit? I luckily just went downstairs to check and I’m currently having a hard time reconnecting?



Mine as well. Sounds like it’s on but not connecting to WiFi.

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Mine is back up but I had to restart couple times before air pump went back on. But all good now.

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Same here dude, but wtf? It would be nice if we got a notification or if it just simply reconnected on its own… Damnnnn, what a scare…


My was disconnected for about 30 minutes left it reconnected.

My older one lost WiFi the other one didn’t.

Reconnected on its own?

I hear you that’s the downside unfortunately with the grobo. Pros vs cons. Hopefully the pros out weigh the cons in the long run.

Yes it kept trying and finally did.

I had to unplug and replug about 5 times or so before it reconnected and had to replug about 2 more times to get air pump back up and running again. For some reason it didn’t want to start up.

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Does Grobo have some sort of firmware to repair this issue?

One of mine was disconnected from the wifi about 20 minutes ago but the other one was still online.

I forgot about it and it reconnected on its own sometime since then.

FYI it will usually continue to follow the light schedule that’s been set for some time after it’s lost wifi. Unless I need to connect to it for a drain/fill I usually just leave it to reconnect on its own or wait until daytime as not to disturb the night cycle with the reboot.


Your coco pod sticking out way to much

It’s fine, if not it’s submerged 2" in the water. The coco pods are all different lengths. I had 2 of them, this one was 2 1/2" longer than my other one.


They did just release new firmware (9.2.1) that does have a WiFi related fix. See explanation and instructions on how to update below per @bruno

I’m working on a system personally that will send a notification to my phone when my unit loses WiFi connection. Once tested and perfected I will present it on AG.


Also, what is the proximity of your unit to your router? Mine was quite far away but since adding to our wireless mesh system and putting a node right next to the Grobo I’ve had no issues whatsoever.

I’m trying the update now, not working so great. The blue light has been pulsing fast for the past 15 minutes.

Right next to the router it

You try power cycling your modem/router? (Don’t mess with anything while it’s doing the update)

The blue
Light has been flashing for 50 minutes now.