Why would my fans go off?

Why would my fans go off. Lights still on. No fans.

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Hi @seahawkpi,

Last week we released an update that keeps the fans off in the first stages of growing. This makes the Grobo quieter and helps to prevent the coco pod from drying out.

Our apologies for not relaying this information earlier. We have now moved to weekly software updates and are looking into how to share the changes without sending too many notifications. A couple options we have right now are to post on AG, to send a notification in the app, or to create a page in the app for tracking changes.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions please keep asking them!



Any updates regarding fan noise overall? I know you were testing out new algorithms sometime before, but never received any follow up. Can you provide some updates regarding this?


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You fixed my noise problem


@rich You’ve started your second grow, right? Are the two intake fans on? (The ones inside the Grobo).

Yes, sir. Are you referring to first stage of the grow with the fans being off (was this the permanent fix)? I love that new feature during my second grow. Someone inquired if we would be able to experience the entire grow at that volume. Lol. The wife is hopeful that the fans will be less aggressive sounding when the finally fire up. What stage are the fans expected to turn on with the new settings you guys have placed in the lasted firmware update?

Hope all is well!

Thank you!

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@Rich I know from past experience that fans are just as important as the air pump bringing fresh air in and old air out and it also helps strengthens your plant simulating outdoor wind conditions. Sadly there needs to be that sweet spot where you may have to sacrifice noise for a healthy plant. It was smart to have the fans off for the first 10 days.

I understand many people buy the Grobo because it fits in the footprint of their living space and loud fan sounds can complicate the Grobo’s location. Is there anywhere you could possibly relocate your Grobo? Just trying some other solutions. A happy bud is well conditioned bud. :+1:


Maybe you can implement this in the Grobo… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb:


For people on (AG) is talking about quiet… :wink:

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