Why is she so short?

She’s on Day 33, she’s looking great. But why is she so short?


She’s an auto flower btw


Small plant in flowering


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Auto’s tend to be shorter than their photoperiod counterpart due to the Ruderalis genetics.


She definitely grew a lot more, now she’s in Day 10 of flower (the Grodo app says “Flowering stage Day 10 of 23”) and I’m a little concerned about her bud development. I’ve counted 2 leaves that have nutrient burn btw.

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@vegetato @SilverGrobo any advice/ info on this?

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I dug through your posts a bit to look at the history of this one but didn’t find much.

How has the grow gone in general? Were there any issues earlier on, how many times did you defoliate?

Autoflowers can sometimes slow down (too much) when they are defoliated, which is why it’s recommended to “tuck” the leaves moreso than cutting them whenever possible.

My guess is that it’s slowed down a bit from the defoliation but that’s not based on much data (just the most recent pic).


So far everything has gone well, I’ve done a good amount of defoliation but only to remove the areas that aren’t getting light. Everything else has been normal, I was concerned early on about her height but she grown past that

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She’s probably just a short one then, which isn’t a bad thing in the grobo.

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My auto is also quite short, like a bonsai, but has grown some amazing colas and A LOT of colas at that. RQS states that my strain, royal dwarf is generally finished 8-9 weeks from starting seed but I just his 12 weeks and she’s not quite done. I do feel like the defoliation of the plants sets it back by a few days each time and contributed to this slower growth.

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What you’re seeing is normal during bloom. The buds are taking in as much nutrients as possible. If the buds need more they pull it from the leafs, which is why it looks like nutrient burn.

Are you using any extra nutrients like Big Bud, or Bud Candy?

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I’ve only used hydroguard and nothing else

Just an update, I’m starting to see more browning on the leaves, should I be concerned?

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