Why can’t we send a support ticket from here

Hey gents,

Why is it we can’t send in a support ticket from the app? It messes me up every time.



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((#SupportTicket))… :thinking:

Maybe on his phone, mobile version of allgrowers doesn’t have that option it seems

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I am indeed on my phone. Only way I ever visit this site. :joy::scream::+1:


Same lol

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Didn’t even know you could send a support ticket that way

Hey @Osage,

The support link on AG leads you to our support centre where all of our support articles live. You are able to live chat with one of us from this page too! Unfortunately for a support email, we are still old school.



I am disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and I am not able to use my computer just my phone :thinking:

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You can send emails through your phone ?

That’s what I do. Am I missing something? Anyone can send an email with their phone.


  • ((#PagingDrStephen)): @stephen :sos:

  • @Stephen = :mage::mask::stethoscope::wink:



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