Top ups and nutrient dilution

Any way one can add nutrients after a top up? The plant seems to need a lot of water and with all the topping up, it dilutes the nutes! Any way of the machine adding nutrients each top up?? Should’nt this machine evolve to use sensors to know?


One does not want to add nutrients after a top up. When your plant drinks, it is not always eating too. As your reservoir lowers over the course of the week, the EC rises as the water lowers. Topping up gets you back into range and draining and filling each week ensures fresh nutes are available.

We are planning on adding machine learning in the future, yes.



Ok Thanks Stephen.


Please help !! My white widow is dying from lack of light !! I tried to turn on the lights by schedule but now it wont come on is there something you guys can do remotely to help?

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