Why are my buds so small -gg4 fem auto

On my final days of flower phase about to transition to flush but the buds look mad small in comparison to some of the ones i see on the forums here. What am i doing wrong?



Id add another month to flower there is no way your plant is ready

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Thats what i thought. Thank you for confirming.

The calendar is more a guideline. Things you do and dont do to the plant also effect timing. She looks in good care at the moment but for sure 4 more weeks

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Looks tasty, especially now with a depleted stash and no dispensaries available to supplement. :confounded:

This is actually my second grow. First was GSC; which came out great. Though for that I extended veg five extra weeks, applied so many techniques, and extended the flowering one month.

This gg is an auto, my first, so I was a bit nervous about extending. I will extend week to week and monitor daily.

Thanks again.

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Maybe it won’t be 4 weeks if an auto maybe 2 more. But definitely more. Good luck!

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Thanks again. Yeah I was going to take it week to week. Just to be safe. Tris are still majority clear so not too worried for this week.

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Just a follow up on the status ten days later…
It is an auto so i let it go to flush at this point.


Looks good

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I have to agree with @Todd.grobo, you definitely can let this Veg for a while longer. those buds should be a lot bigger at that point.

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