White widow hermaphrodite scare?

Hi guys,

I have an 9 week old white widow plant that looks like it will be spending the weekend in the dark (explained below). A friend of mine mentioned that as it is just beginning to flower that the extended period of darkness may create a hermaphrodite situation.

I am wondering if there is anything to that?

Now briefly the why. My growlights inside me Grobo have up and quit working earlier this week. I am attempting to work with support to fix this issue but this cannot be done until Monday when support is available. And I’m going to get lost in the woods for the weekend camping. Sadly I was forced to choose between plant sitting my dysfunctional grobo unit and Mr. Walter White Widow (plant) and… living life.

I know that the plant can survive a blackout of 48-60 hours as I anticipate it will see. I understand and anticipate the leaves to begin browning due to loss of photosynthesis. But will the extended darkness have any affect on the sex (of the plant)? Besides some yellowing/browning and minor wilting, what else can I expect?

Thank you much for your help.
Gertrudes friend


Is it 9 weeks into flower or veg?

Be warned it’s a long weekend on Canada it will be Tuesday before you get support, try to get support today?


Yeah, we are working through email for now, couple of troubleshooting requests. 1st Grobo LED issue I’ve seen to be honest.

The open door and extra light will get you through the weekend as long as your bubbler is running. We will get you fixed up, no worries.



Thanks guys for the help.

Yes Stephen has been in contact with me and is working to help me have this thing back on its feet.

Even secured an individual to come by and assist in cycling my bootleg light setup to ensure the 12 hour day/night period isn’t interrupted TOO much.

The plant btw is 9 weeks old total. And is just entering into the flowering stage. Was worried about the hermaphrodite issue but not so much anymore.

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Was not aware of this but thank you!