Which recipe?

Yep, I see this question a lot and I thought I could make an informed decision on my own, and well, I’d probably be okay trusting my gut, but I have backup so why not use it right?

Okay so I’m going to plant an Amnesia Haze seed this time. (Less wait than the chocolope)

It’s feminized photoperiod from ILGM.

Here are my choices.

The ILGM recipe is an auto but only 1 day difference from other recipe. Both descriptions read as autos.

Seeds are from high yield mix pack from ILGM, already emailed them weeks ago to verify that seeds were fem and not auto.

What do you all think? I appreciate your input!


Ah, I see the issue too! You’re right, the recipe for Amnesia Haze from ILGM is an auto and you wouldn’t want to select that since you have a photoperiod seed. The other recipe that is Amnesia Haze from another breeder looks confusing.The description references “auto” quite a bit but the page also says photoperiod.

A quick check on google found only autos for Amnesia Haze from Vision Seeds. So I would be careful about selecting that. Perhaps it would be best to reach out to support to get confirmation?

If it were me, I would check with support. Otherwise, I would choose the Generic Sativa photoperiod recipe since it’s an 80/20 sativa.


Right? Isn’t it weird how the descriptions both talk about auto auto auto and both say flower type photoperiod. It’s a head scratcher for @Dani! :thinking:


I would use generic hybrid