Which Advance Nutrients to use?


I’m doing my 1st grow with my grobo from Dinafem OG Kush FEM seed. I’ve used Hydrogaurd and Recharge for the initial grow with Distilled water.

What other advance nuts should i get? Nirvana? Big Bud? Bud Candy? OverDrive? Bud Ignitor??

the list goes on.

Any thoughts will be helpful

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If you’re happy with your harvest, just keep using what’s been working for you. If there’s something specific you want to address/improve with your grow, then let us know and some of the more experienced growers can point you in the right direction. You can also search “nutrients” in the search bar and sift through older posts.

Generally speaking, everyone advises keeping it simple to start. Hydroguard & Recharge should have you covered and if your plants experience stress and you want to help it recover, Revive is recommended (disclaimer: I haven’t had to try it for myself yet, it’s just been repeated all over the forum lol)

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I’m fnyour sticking with advanced is only invest in bud candy honestly … all the other stuff I’ve tried and did not notice a difference to be real…

The root products work great but they are expensive for no reason

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Apparently they have a 100% money back guarantee, according to their site (click on a specific product and scroll down a bit to see it).


I like big bud and flawless finish other than that I only add hydroguard.