Where to put it

is the grobo safe to keep anywhere, i notice lights come thru is that ok to keep in the bed room

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It’s fine if you can handle the noise of the Grobo/light while you’re sleeping.

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i can handle anything while sleeping lol, just didnt know if light exposure was ok, but thank you tho i appreciate the response, i ask a lot of dumb questions but only cus i like to be as safe and correct as possible you know, any who thank you again and keep on keepin on

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The smell and noise would prevent myself from puting it in our bedroom. Let us know how it goes though

It’s not that bad in a bedroom. I have 2 running in the bedroom closet about 5 ft away and it just sounds like there are a couple of computers or servers running.

I should mention that I installed sound dampening panels throughout the walls of the closet. Definitely helps!