Where to post advice of how to rebuild COB?

I recently purchased a COB from eBay that arrived DOA and want to know how to rebuild. It didn’t come with a bulky driver (doesn’t not have any cooling fans) and from the options listed for a new Topic I can not figure which heading to put the query to. I assume it is new technology since a google search shows that a driver is required and this light has nothing like what is posted. Anyways I am looking to make it no more than 600W startup/ 250W continuous and of course I will need it to be for flowering and with the most amount of Lumens output, within my budget. I don’t mind purchasing a driver but if there are COB’s that don’t require the bulky drivers I have seen posted on DIY builds then I would want to know of them.

…and what is Grobo?


I have a guy on Instagram that is actually making me a custom 600 watt led setup… I can put you in contact with him

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You can send him this post’s URL. I don’t instagram.

Hi @whoot!.

The Grobo One is an automated grow box that allows you to grow any plant. It uses hydroponics to grow, and comes equipped with a full spectrum lighting system, carbon filters to reduce smell, and automated nutrients dosing.

You set your specific recipe in the Grobo app. That way the Grobo knows what lights and nutrients to give it during each stage of the grow. The Grobo app will also let you know when the Grobo’s water needs refilling or topping up

The Grobo also comes with a lock which you can control through the app so that you can keep children and pets out of your grow. The glass in the door can also be changed from transparent to opaque, so you can see your grow without opening the door.


Thanks! I dreamt of things like that back in the 90’s. Kids today have got it made.