Where to get seeds in a hurry?

Hello community I’m trying to get some fem seeds in a hurry dont have a month or 2 to wait for seeds from out of country. Is there a place that’s in the usa that deliver seeds in a hurry so I can start my new grobo growing??

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Unfortunately I haven’t found any stateside companies that send their packages quickly. Heck…it took my package over a week just for them to pack it up and then another week+ for delivery! Ugh.

A few on this forum have mentioned this USA based bank:

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I went with the affiliate ILGM I Love Growing Marijuana. I think it took around 1 week. Pkg came out of California


Thanks fellow growers I have seen ILGM but I dont need bulk seeds like that maybe a 3 pack but not 10. But they do have a variety pack…hmmmmm

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Seeds for me.com is states side and deliver very quickly! They also have a great selection :+1::v:

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Seeds from ILGM took about 2 weeks to get delivered to me. They can be a bit expensive but they might be your best shot to get seeds asap. I’m still waiting for my seeds from Seedsman.

Yeah I’m still waiting on them as well I’m in the shipping yo local shipping depot. But it does look like there is no alternative

Love this place thats were I got mine from. Got them within a week. I order last month

Love what place @Chef

This place sorry thought I put the link.

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Have anybody used i49??

Everyone’s in a jam right now dude, with this whole covid crap going on, packages are being delayed left, right and centre… I order seeds from Europe. Took 5 and 7 weeks, find close to you I guess?

Good luck!

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