When will ordered items get shipped?

Hey, Grobo support. Do you have a timeline on when items will ship? The order was placed on the 14th.
Those newly restocked items were gone quicker than the flash lol.


Hey there!

We currently have transferred all stock we have of Support Racks and expect these items to ship in ~2 weeks to all growers with outstanding orders.

Feel free to message me at support@grobo.io if you want me to look into a specific order number for you!



Hi @stacey.grobo,

It’s been 21 days of the two weeks orders were supposed to ship out. I haven’t received any word on delay or anything. With a $14 charge for shipping I would think it’d be next day. Please advise.

Hey @NUTTSO642,

Good news is that the support racks have arrived and are in the process of being restocked at our distribution center. I expect they will ship out to you next week.

Email our team at support@grobo.io and we will refund your shipping cost, you have been super patient and we thank you for that!