When storing ph meter or calibration

Hi there says when to store or calibrate ph meter to put in tap water! My question and possible concern is I have well water connected to a water softener can that cause issues calibrating as well as storing in that type of water?

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Not sure about that, however if you have ph 7.0 calibration solution, that’s better to store in than tap water.

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Yeah I have a pack for both calibration
I still have the container it came in with the water still in it. You think I should put a little of the pack in the container to?
I was also worried about the cleaning part also with the same tap well water as well. Leaves a residue behind .


Cleaning with should be fine. If you still have the original liquid it was stored in, use that and should be fine.


Great thanks for the info.

If you want to store the Ph probe storage solution is best to use