When should I top this gelly biscuit?


Typically at 5th node. Your not quite theremaybe a week or so. Soon!


A good reference:

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Did I top right or should I cut this also ?

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Appears you may have “FIMed” her my man, did you accidentally cut the piece marked with a question mark in the pic below? If so I’d say remove the other side ASAP.

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No I did not just bad angle I’ll show u

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Is this right ?

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Yup you nailed it :+1::+1:

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Thank you so much I thought I cut too much off

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Did you happen to do a water change today as well, it is recommended to do so on topping/significant defoliation days in order to give your plant a fresh batch of nutrients to recover with. Also try and do your topping and defoliating in the morning from now on to allow your plant plenty of light throughout the day afterwards, this also aids in a speedy recovery.

I did not change water today should I change it now ?

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When is your next scheduled change?

How do I check ?

When did you do your last water change? It will be a week from then. (Water changes are done every 7 days.

Should be tmr

Then it can wait.

Should I add a extend a week so it can recover ?

Are you in early or late veg.?