When does the flush stand fill notifications happen?

So today was supposed to start my flush but it’s way past my usual notification time and no notification to drain and fill? Should I still drain and fill today? Or wait ? @Stephen @Azuri @rainstorm3

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Hey @chris_barfield

Even though you’ve migrated to flush stage I don’t think it actually sends a drain notification.

To be sure do the drain and fill but take the caps and hoses out of bottles 3, 4 and 5. If your recipe flipped those bottles shouldn’t dispense so have a listen for the pumps after the fill

Oh need more pictures bro…:joy:


@Azuri dude the frost on her is sick my iPhone Xs doesn’t have the quality but my brother in law is a photographer so I’m going to barrow his camera so I can really show you guys … funny that she was abused for a month then Transplanted from soil to grobo and NO hermi from stress I took a couple of clones and they are growing more vigorously than the mom