When do we pay? And how is the privacy of this forum?

Ok, so I have been in contact with you regarding the question. Im wondering how, when, and if there will ever come any monthly payments? And if so, how much is it?

I orded my Grobo for what seems like a really long time ago (I think it was the 20. of April), but than again, it feels like it was a lot longer ago. Anyways, as we know, Grobo is pretty expensive for the regular person, or someone that allready has the cost of buying medicin. So the natural way of geting payed and running a bussniess would be to use down-payments. I know this is something you can do when payments start, seeing I have been registered and gotten the news from this company in 2 (?) years now.

However, as the question states, Im wondering how much we should pay on the down-payments, and when the down-payments starts? Is there possible to take the entire payment at the same time? For ordering I had to pay 300 USD, wich was subtracted from the total cost of my Grobo, with the terms (cost) I have. But I would like to pay more… And I would like to see a date, soon, where I can actually know when my Grobo is arriving.

I know you are working hard, and I know the product is cost-efficent (wich is why I want it). But what’s annoying me, is how much expenses I have now, while waiting on my Grobo. Expenses that I was hoping would be gone by now.
You said that Grobo will start its shipping to the US, than Europe (if I don’t remember correctly). But you havn’t said much regarding a sertain date. All we know is that Grobo is suppose to start shipping in fall (this information was given out before I orded my Grobo). So are we talking fall 2018? Because if thats the case, than I dont need to have all the money for my Grobo saved up. But when I orded in what I thought (and still are thinking), the fall where I understood you as the shiping would start, is now.

I love the thought of this wonderfull machine, and I love the thought of you as a company develpoing it for the world. But as a costumer, I dont love not knowing! I would really like a more spessific timeframe of when I can expect my Grobo. And I need to see some progress, I need to know (now that its fall in Canada). That shipping will be starting soon.

I would really like to go from “I love the though of…” to “I love the fact that…”. Wich should be something you should be interessted in to, think about the possibilitys if you open grobo for ordering, eaven if its the same price as other compatition with theire comming product’s on the market! You would have the advantage because, by setting a date, you will gain the WOM-factor (word of mouth), wich than should help your company to gain the strongest possition in a now open market. Because we as a community will without knowing it, help your company to get the strongest position. Information is key, all the time, that was what made me trust you guys, that’s what made all of my friends wanting Grobo over the other’s. What happend with the updates? What happend with showing us the progress? What is actually happening?

Im also wondering about the security of the forum, it may be standing in a FAQ, or in terms of agreement, I don’t know. But I was wondering, if people arn’t registered in this forum, will the be able to read the forum post’s? Because Im a big fan of privacy. And seeing my name get’s searched up a lot in my line of work, I would like to keep my personallife, as it is - wich is not connected to work. At all.

PS: Sorry for bad grammar, my english grammar isn’t the best, if theres a lot of typo’s :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Hi Eternidad,

Thanks for the questions, we are still working on setting up a monthly payment plan. The payment plan we created for our first round of pre-orders was very crude so we have been working on developing a proper financing system. Due to our connection to the cannabis space, finding partners has been more challenging however we think we have found one now and will share updates as soon as possible.

We are still on track to begin shipping this fall and we will be sending a more complete update to all of our pre-order customers next week. We have been sending these updates monthly so if you have not received them please let us know and we’ll make sure to add you to the list.

This is a public forum so I have sent you a private message on how to maintain your privacy.


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Hi Bjorn,

Have there been any updates regarding this topic? With Fall quickly approaching, I would imagine lots of customers are sending emails regarding how and when they can pay for the unit. Have you solidified a partner for financing or is this still in limbo?


Hi Rich,

Yes we have! We have signed an agreement with a partner for financing and have set up the process for paying the balance on each system. All of the details will be included with our next email update in a few weeks!


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Hi Bjorn,

Awesome news! Looking forward to the update!


I just paid through partial payment. You can pay as arrangement plan is, or pay more anytime you want. Paid off quickly and got unit very quickly.

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Great to hear @FawnDeer,

Welcome to the growing family!