What's the difference between Stage 2 Early Vegetation vs Stage 3 Late Vegetation

Loving this venture…I do have a question the only difference I noticed between early veg and late veg is that the 2nd fan came on. Is the water level supposed to change or anything else in late veg? I also noticed alot of growers are using little fans in their grobo. Any suggestion on fans. I ordered 2 small fans (axial fans) by ac infinity and they put out alot of forceful air. I think it might be too mucy for my little Lucille…


That’s a great question. Here are some key differences between stage 2 and stage 3:

  1. The 2nd fan turns on to increase the transpiration of your plant.
  2. We fill to the middle water level sensor to help dry out the cocopod in an effort to stop damping off of your seedling.
  3. We increase the food available in the reservoir a bit.
  4. We increase and tweak the spectrum a bit.
  5. Stage 3 (Late Vegetation) is where you will want to extend your recipe until the plant is ready to go into flower. We like to see it at the height of the 2nd intake fan before going into transition. You will need to add weeks to your schedule if you are topping for example.

Just don’t point them directly at your girl. Aim them up or towards a wall just to get it circulating. I’m a firm believer that air movement the plant has to deal with, as long as it’s not blowing over, helps make the stem and branches stronger.


She freakin doing well. After the COCO POD incident she on track even with her gangster lean. Day 32 topped on day 28 and extended 1 week. @Todd.grobo @FireGuy @Stephen Thanx so much for your advice and mentoring guys.


Good job! Make sure you’re adding time for topping her!


I extended a week for the haircut. She looks healthy IMO.


Trimmed and transitioned 5 days ago. I guess she is where she should be. What do you guys think? I think I see a tad bit of yellow on the new leaves and I’m not sure if it’s the strain (green crack) or something is up. I transitioned about 2 inches below the top fan to compensate for this strains height.


So does the fan come on right away in stage 2? Mine has not. I’m in day 3. And no nutrients have been dispersed.

So lower fan should come on day 11 of your grow IF you’re in early veg. Nutes won’t dispense until a water change.


Yes I am in day three early veg. I look for them to come on around that time. Water change is coming up. :+1:t2: Thank you :sunglasses:

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The fans can be deceptive whether they are on or not. Try shining a flashlight through it or taking something soft like a pipe cleaner to stick through a hole in the opening. If the fan isn’t on, definitely submit a ticket.