What's the best way to germ. Autoflower's

Let me know your way of germ. Autoflower’s… Having a hard time with my seeds popping.

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I soak mine in water for 24 hours, the ones that sink are the ones I use. If they don’t sink I don’t use them. I’ve been told you can add hydrogen peroxide to the water to help them along but have never tried it. I take the ones that sink and put them on 2 layers of paper towel with 2 layers of paper towel over them. I keep them in a rubbermaid container, I keep the paper towel pretty wet until they get a tail about 1 to 2 inch long. Then input them in a coca pod or rockwool pod and put them in a small clone box with a blue light that promotes root growth. Once they have good roots I put the pod in a net pot surrounded by hydroton peddles and that’s is there final home.


I do that exactly like you said. I got emailed Growers Choice Seed Bank and I am waiting on a reply… 220 for 25 seeds. Only 10 left and one servivour

Another guy told me make a 5gal pot with Coco choir put seeds just under the Coco keep spraying the top keeping it damp under a cup. My tent can get 90 deg if I want. I just got a filter ac fan for my tent and a portible one for my Panda :panda_face: room. Anyways that tent is nice and warm and that’s 1st important 2nd thing that everything is warm even your water… I’m getting more Autoflower’s and will learn how too get them to go everytime.

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