What's going on

Just wondering if something is wrong or is it just going to be really small?


Pretty sure you could have extended late vegetation as she looks pretty stunted. Most folks on here don’t move into transition till the second fan is reached.

How’s the environment? Is your bubbler working?

Is she an auto?


Got the seed from a buddy of mine and he told me it was an Autoflower. If it is auto this will be my first. Bubbler and everything is working fine. They didn’t have a recipe for the seed I had so chose this one,hopefully that did mess it up

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Looks like you are on a photo period recipe. Why don’t you switch over the a Hybrid Auto

You can do that by going to recipes and selecting it. It will tell you your going to change your recipe which is fine. Lets get you on the right light cycle and see if that makes her happier. Autos are a lot more temperamental than photo periods.
If you’re still experiencing issues, please email us at support@grobo.io


Ok thanks I’ll try that