What to watch for during your grow

I’d like to invite ideas about a section on Allgrowers, and/or perhaps an addendum to the Grow Guide or such, to provide a list or such of what growers using Grobo should look for that needs attention or reporting. A list of “if you see this happening with your plant, do not worry because ____” and “if you see this other thing happening, report it to Grobo”, etc.

My thought here is that while Grobo has access to data from the sensors, they do not have visuals of the plant and therefore that information aspect is not “automated”. As the eyes on the plant, I’d like to have a better idea of when I need to bother contacting Grobo or when that’s really not needed. I appreciate their support but don’t want to use it when it’s not needed.


True, like when the leaves start to get yellow spots or brown spots we would want to know what the problem is instead of contacting grobo team each time.