What the heck is this in my coco pod! Urgent!

So I opened up the grobo just to check on the plant as I was busy all day and just got home and i found something crawling … a white (wife thought it was green) worm/larvae looking thing crawling through the cocopod… and me being stoned thought I was watching a live riot trying to find where to go then I realize wait it’s moving way to fast to be a root and realized it was a critter of some sort… I stretched a video of the thing anyone know what it is and what I can do about !! Kind of worried !!

Ps sorry for my language but I was stoned and shocked i found insects in my coco pod video is below titled critters in my coco pod …

Critters in my coco pod

This a picture of my cocopod and you can see it’s green and also has some white tips in some areas almost like snow so I’m worried it might be mold??

Any help would be greatly appreciated !! @Azuri
@Stephen @Chris @Osage @rainstorm3 @Todd.grobo


Hey brother, I can’t see the offending critter, but if it were me, and I could go out and get some ladybugs relatively quickly I would do that. Throw say 30-50 in and they will eat any larva. I’m hoping it’s not mold, could you try some better pics they will help us all help you better. Look at the under side of the leaves, anything there?


Same, can’t see it. One pic looks like mold?

I remember from another post someone had green “mold” on their coco pod too and Stephen said it was beneficial bacteria used to help promote growth. I’d have to scour the threads to find it but yeah I’m fairly certain that’s what was said. As for the worm, take it out and take a pic of it. I can probably help on that a bit better with clearer pics


Titles critters in my cocopod

@Azuri click the YouTube link @Osage

Not there try again

@Azuri @Osage

The video of the critters

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What color is that worm? It looks like a baby inch worm to me, but it could be moth larvae like another poster had

@Osage when I caught it, it was almost like clear but wife thinks it was a pale green … i truly think it’s white or at the very least clear sort of

I really wouldn’t worry too much at this point. As long as you don’t see any bumps or whatnot on the under side of the leaves you should be ok. Is there a pet store in your area you could get ladybugs from? If you do get some and throw em in. Not as many as I stated above, your lady is too small to feed that many even if there was larvae.


Also what are your readings for temp and humidity? Still looks like an inch worm. If it’s pale green then it probably is. They will eat Your leaves. Any black or brown looking dirt on your leaves?

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Here is a link describing what worms and catipillars (sp) do and how to get rid of them. I still vote ladybugs first, spray second

Source: growweedeasy.com


@Osage no black or brown spotting the leaves look healthy As of right now… today might have been a little humid in the house becuase I wasn’t home but temps and humidity I have been controlling with an ac/ dehumidifier combo … usually what I do is run the dehumidifier to 50 percent humidity and then run ac to keep temp in the room at around 76 degrees Fahrenheit … and periodically check if the humidity in the room is on point …


@Osage I noticed that when I critter touched the side of the water tank shield it almost left a sticky kind of residue as it continued to run into the tank shield again

Yeah, don’t worry yet. If you see munching on leaves going on then yeah tome to worry. But now you are fine until Stephen chimes in. Pet store or grow shop near by??

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Yeah that is something worms let out, secrete and it does attract ants and other pests. Look up how to make a foliage spray.

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@Osage yea I have pet stores and hydro stores around the corner … I’m in a city type of environment …

Then either buy a foliage spray specifically for cannabis pests and you should be good to go and have on hand in the future just in case. You can make one pretty cheap too though. Just depends on your confidence level.

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I have some wierd plant growth you think the worms were touching the tap root and messing with the hormones … but my leaves are growing like boomerang shaped and skinny and really slow …

Now I’m wondering how the heck did they get in there ?

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