What is wrong with her?

Soils still moist. Last watered 2 days ago.

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Could be a ph imbalance

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My tent plants are never moist 2 days after watering. Seems like I’m watering them every 2days. - I’m guessing a pH problem? Plants not absorbing enough and locking out?

Mine were looking kind of droopy like that the other day. At first I thought maybe over-watering because some of the top of my plants were yellowing but the soil was dry. The I realized that I was checking the pH of my water before adding nutrients. I finally calibrated my pH pen then added my nutrients, then checked the pH It was reading like 4 even though it was closed to 6.5 before adding nutrients…so I got it back to around 6-6.5 and watered them.

I also started adding water too quickly last week basically out of being impatient. I think this was draining the water too quickly, so I went back to watering them with a sprayer this week.

I also realized this week my light was a little too close to the top of my plants, so I adjusted it closer to 18 inches from the top and turned it down from 100% to more like 75%. I was getting some light burn, I suspect this was causing the yellowing.

Reading around online I also figured out it’s a good idea to check the pH of your run-off water to get a better idea of soil pH. I just sucked some of it up in an oil syringe and into a red solo cup to test it.

Here’s a picture of my plants yesterday before adding the properly pH’ed nutrients… then the difference of how much better they looked in the morning.

This was last night:

This was this afternoon:

They perked up quite a bit just overnight after adjusting the pH.


Back on the game


Nicely done!


The combination of adjusting the light down and watering with just ph balanced water was smart. In veg I keep my light 75-80% and then once it hits flower I slowly increase the power of the light 2-3% each day until 100%.