What if we have to move in the middle of a grow?

Question to the grobo team… I’m
Moving at the end of this month but I will be in the middle of a grow? So how should I go about this? The new place is at the most ten minutes away from my current apartment? I’ll be coming out of transition stage around that time. @Stephen


Great question @chris_barfield,

Good luck on the move! Here are a couple tips:

  • Drain your Grobo before moving it.
  • If you are under an hour away, you can keep the plant inside. Secure the plant with drying racks on each side to support it from falling over.
  • Keep the Grobo upright when moving it.
  • Ensure the wifi at your new home is working before moving the unit.
  • Refill the unit within an hour of draining it. If the wifi credentials have not changed and you are using the same router, you will be able to fill right away.

If anything ‘delays’ this plan, you can move your plant with the lid to a 5 gallon bucket filled with room temp water. This will extend your window a bit, but you will need an external air pump to oxygenate the water, say overnight.

Please follow your local laws for transporting/handling of cannabis and keep the unit upright as it travels.

I’d help you move, but I’m washing my hair that day. :wink:



Cannabis transport laws. :joy:




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