What I’ve learned about growing lately

So being bored on a Sunday, I figured I’d start a new topic. You see, I have been a soil grower for a long stretch now. Started out with mh and hps, moved into led with great success. Now I’m ready to really get into hydro with led, hence the grobo to start. Provides me the opportunity to continue with soil and learn the ins and outs of hydro. So the idea is to help educate and become more educated at the same time.

What have you learned about growing hydro at this point? What made you get into it and what information do you have that might help a new grower?

I’ve learned hydro can be more technical, due to the monitoring of ppm, but that it can be easier in that one is able to become fairly hands off if automating your system. Seems to me one can have more “freedom” with hydro compared to soil grows.

Feel free to share what you have learned and something you learned that others may find useful. Remember there are many new growers here so don’t hold back on basics etc.


Hey @Osage

I was thinking about something like this. I’m not going to lie I have to be in the mood (smoking the right bud, lol) to draft up this kinda stuff. I’ll toss some feedback in at some point.

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