What hose is this? [RESOLVED]

Hey guys so I was cleaning my roots out I ended up cutting a hose can someone tell me what hose this is and what size or where I can get a new ?

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Air stone. Plugs into bottom stone


Thanks a lot Todd can I use this and is it a stAndard size ? Or is there a connector where I can just connect them back together

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The aerator is attached in the middle of the bottom of the reservoir.
Can you just plug it back in?


If the air tube doesn’t reach the stone at the bottom, you can fix it by using a air tube quick connect instead of rerouting your airline from the pump to the airstone

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Thanks that’s exactly what I was woundering now do you happen to know the size I need or where I can order one

I believe the tubes are 3/16" (5mm) but not 100% sure. If you measure the diameter and its 5mm then these quick 5mm quick connect should work.


If you don’t know the size, I would take a cutting of the hose and bring to a hardware store, you should be able to find the correct size there.

Hey @Simplegardener17,

This just in from our hardware lead! 1/4" o.d, 1/8" i.d

If you can’t source it locally, let our support team know at support@grobo.io and we can hook you up. :wink:



Thank Steve :+1:t2:I just contacted then hoping you guys can help me out so I can continue my growing :laughing:

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