What does tip of fan leaves curling up mean?

A few of my plants leaves at the tips are curling up like elf shoes :joy:. I googled some say wind burn, some say over feeding , some say over watering … so basically I got no defining answer ? Does anybody else think they know ? @Stephen maybe ?

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@chris_barfield got any pictures to share of your plant? That would help diagnose




I’m heading into surgery now but I will def post when I get home today… but it looks like claws but just clawing Upwards towards the sky


Hey @chris_barfield Pictures always help. :wink:

In your case my bet it was a form of shock which showed up from your transplant experiment. You transplanted to the Grobo and rich nutrients were introduced to the plant at that moment which it can’t process right away since the plant was in shock from transplant.

Any complications from a high stress move like that will be showing up now. If your new growth is still curling then you should check other things.

I’ve had some browning tips (nutrient burn) which will curl up at the tips after some time.


@Azuri yea I’m leaning towards the top I just did because when it came out of shock it was fine I topped and now only like three or four fingers out of different fan leaves are doing it and it’s on the older leaves … the newer leaves don’t show any sign of stress …

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Here are pics of what I was talking about earlier


@chris_barfield looks fine. Slight nute burn on the tips as I mentioned in my other post nothing to worry about. Let it grow! :herb: