What do you guy's think so for cheese autoflower


What a pretty girl, li’l G! I hope my lil sprout will look as pretty by day 43!!


Thanks it’s my first grow and with the help of everyone in this forum you will have a healthy girl good luck and can’t wait to see pictures


Did she bend like that on her own? Or were you training her?

I was trying to train her I think I did ok :man_shrugging:t5: what’s your thoughts

I think you did a great job :call_me_hand: Just the right amount of stress for an auto. She’s going to stretch nicely for you.

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When you say stretch what does that mean and will I have good smoke without using anything extra chem cause at this point it’s been pure distilled water :droplet:

Stretching is a period of accelerated growth during a plants transition from the vegetation stage to the flowering stage.