Wet Pod, curling/droopy leaves

I would take them off if they are crispy.


@PhilLeshPhan Hey, Whats Up… Just Saw This Thread…

Your Plant Is Dampening Off… But It Is Also Early Like Gmann Said…

That’s About Where I Caught Mine…
I Pulled Up The Pod About An Inch, And CAREFULLY Cut Off About 1/3 Of That, To Let Air Flow…

If It Can’t Support Itself, @Stephen Did A Lil Something With A Straw That Might Help. Or @Todd.grobo Used Toothpicks Successfully.

Read Through Some Threads, Feel Free To Ask Me More Or Anybody With Champion Under Their Name.


I’m copying this from a new thread I made… sorry, forgot about this one.

Alright I’m still having an issue here… I’m on day 1 of late vegetation. A week or so ago both of my first bottom 2 leafs started turning brown at the. Tip of the leaves. Eventually it moved in and the entire 2 leafs dried up and were almost completely brown. I clipped them off. I started using hydroguard and added another fan into the Grobo. Also sprayed with neem oil. Now there’s these white specs on most of my leaf tops. There’s also a foul smell coming from my reservoir, it smells like my fox farm kangaroot… which I added one day since I didn’t have hydroguard before realizing it was probably a bad idea. I’ve already done a drain and fill a day or two ago since adding the kangaroot. My tap root is turning brown but the newer root growth is still white. I have an air purifier in the room and a humidifier, my humidity basically always stays around 40%. I need some help from someone who knows what’s going on here and how to fix it… any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to lose her.

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I did remove some of the cocoa pod at the top where there was some white specs assuming it was mold… also the cocoa pod has been raised about an inch from its original spot.

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Few more pictures… I realize it’s damping off… just need to know where to go from here. Thanks everyone for the help up to this point! I really appreciate it!

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In one of your earlier pictures the leaves looked wet and like they had droplets on them. Are you spraying the leaves with something? If you are I’d stop doing that.

It looked your your water temp was 69 so if you are able to keep her right around that temp and avoid 72+ you should be okay keeping away root rot. The brown coloring is most likely nutrient stain from the water. Continue to add hydroguard at normal dosage during your drain/fills. If you want to provide the absolute best water environment then I would suggest a chiller. ActiveAqua 1/10HP chiller. Runs about 300-400 but it will keep your water temp in the optimal range.

Spend some time on the forum here performing searches for damping off and chiller setups. You will find there are many of us that have implemented a chiller in one way or another.

Lastly, keep the door closed on the Grobo.

I’d move her back to early veg for the following reasons:

  1. You are fighting a case of damping off. In early veg the system fills to the medium float. In all other stages it fills to the high float. That is counterproductive right now.
  2. She is a very small plant and may not be ready for the full dosage in late veg. The dose in early veg is half the amount.

Also the plant likes humidity 60%+ at this stage so see if you can keep the rh% higher.

Good luck and keep us posted on how she is doing.


Thank you for the advice! Neem oil is what I sprayed it with. I’ll move back to early veg, I’ve thought she was small for her age as well. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching cannabis growing and this forum, everyone keeps telling me to keep reading on the forum but I feel like I spend half my day on here usually already! Lol. Just not green thumbed I guess… and anxious by nature… this is why I smoke a lot of weed :laughing:. I appreciate everyone! Thank you so much! I’ve still a lot of learning to do!

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Your pod looks to close to the water (soaked) I’d move the pod right up out of splash range as she is now root feeding
I’d would also point a fan @ the pod to dry her out a little fan will also add strength to the stem :+1:

Told myself I wasn’t goin to stick my neck out so much but can’t stand seeing people making the same mistakes I made & stay quiet :+1:


Hey you’re welcome! I think we are all super excited for our first grows and can tend to overdo it at times. I know I did for my first grow!

Try to avoid spraying the plant. What happens is the fluid forms droplets which then can act like a magnifying glass when light rays hit the fluid. This in turn can cause burns or discoloration in the leaves which is what I think happened here.

For pest control I like using the sticky fly tape. Just cut a small panel and use a magnetic hook to keep it against a wall near the light. I too have neem oil but have not used it. It is good to have things on-hand just in case.


I have sticky fly tape squares I bought just for this!! Think I read it on the forum (see!!!) lol! It’s one thing I got and didn’t think I needed to use :rofl: