Wet or dry trim?

Hey y’all I have an important question.
Which way do you trim? Wet or dry?why and why not?


Me I am a wet trimmer only!!! because I am to lazy to go through all those fan leaves when they become dry… lots of work …but you keep more Leaf and shake from plant trimming dry.

Also I dry quicker like 4 to 5 days wet so I can start the cureing process another 10 to 15 days or some like longer…


For me it depends on what I’m going to use it for.

If the scent/terps aren’t that great to begin with and/or it’s going to be used for oil/edibles then a wet trim can help to dry it faster.

If the terps are really good a dry trim is in order to get the best smell/flavor out of end product.

Wet trim is messy in that the scissors will get sticky and need to be cleaned off (alcohol helps) during the trim. But the leaves themselves are much easier to work with and it conserves some space in the drying rack.

Dry trim is messy in that the trichs and leaves go flying in misc directions if it’s brittle enough while you’re cutting them, but it’s somewhat necessary (to leave those leaves on during the drying process) if you really want to preserve the terpene profile to it’s fullest extent.

I’ve done both and would say that one isn’t necessarily better than the other, they both have pros/cons and a time/place.


Dry trim all the way for me. Wet trim will dry it too fast! U want a slow dry and cure. The faster u dry- the faster u get hay IMO. This is arguably the hardest and most important step in growing your buds! Good luck man! :crossed_fingers:t3::+1:t2:


Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the information !

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Thank you for your information! The stress of a new grower :woman_facepalming:t4:


I agree I’ve done both ways and dry trim is the way I’ll do from now on. Especially if you’re trying to get as much of the terpenes to come through like @vegetato said. It seems redundant to go through all the work of growing only to rush the dry and cure. A good 7-10 ish day dry (outside of the Grobo) and 1.5-2 month cure is what I go for


Makes perfect sense :fist:t5:

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I will just put this right Here👊🏽


Dry my opinion I smoked both ways after cure… after the smoke for some reason always dry cure flowers would have a better terpene smell and flavonoid taste… my opinion again you want really see what you working with on final dry then trim a way un wanted sugar leaves I would say… best of luck didn’t check other comments but just my opinion best of luck growing!