Week 9 Notification

At week 4 of the flowering stage, your cannabis plant will likely have stopped growing up altogether and is now spending all its energy on growing buds. There will still be white hairs sticking out from the buds, but the buds themselves will become bigger and fatter with each day. With more and larger buds growing, your plant will now produce more trichomes, making the odour a lot more noticeable at this stage. Since your cannabis plant will have stopped growing, you won’t have to pay attention to training your plants any longer. Where you bent down branches before, now you may possibly consider holding them up should they require structural support. This can be achieved with the drying rack attatchment available through www.grobo.io.

What is EC?

Growing cannabis is much like the Goldilocks story from childhood. Cannabis likes things in ranges. Can’t be too hot or too cold, pH can’t be too high or too low. The same can be said with EC, which stands for electrical conductivity and is a measurement of the salinity of your water. Cannabis likes a low EC early in it’s life, then wants higher and higher levels of nutrients as it becomes bigger and hungrier. All cannabis recipes have a flush period of 10 days at the end of the grow, to help flush any excess nutrients out of the bud to ensure maximum quality for consumption.

It’s time to brag about your grow!

Now is a great time to snap a couple pictures of your gorgeous plant and run over to www.allgrowers.com to share them. Everyone will be envious of your beautiful young buds. Go on, share that excitement!

The Grobo Light Spectrum

Using all 8 of our spectrums over the course of your grow, you may notice the colours change. You are right! The spectrum adjusts for each stage of your selected recipe, utilizing blue to build short internodal distances and thick stems for example. We shift to more of a red focused spectrum as the plant goes into flower, maximizing the intensity during this time. There are several advantages to being able to tweak your spectrum throughout the grow, from controlling size, stretch and even THC content!

Check your nutrient bottles

Your nutrients are designed to last for at least one grow using RO or distilled water. If you are using tap water, you may be using more pH than usual to keep your system balanced. Now is a great time to check the levels of your bottles and order more if needed.