Week 8 notification

Your cannabis plants have still not entirely stopped growing and will now be about 50% bigger than what they were just three weeks earlier. Although still stretching a bit, the stretch will now gradually slow down and soon come to a complete halt. At the locations on the plant where you previously saw some hairs, you can now see the first signs of real buds developing. There still won’t be many resin glands and trichomes on your plants, which means that the smell won’t be too pungent yet either. This phase of flowering where your plant is starting to spend increasingly more energy on growing flowers is particularly critical.

What is Light Pruning?

In order to maximize the amount of light that is reaching your growing buds, some light pruning is in order. Our goal here is to only remove the large fan leaves that are blocking any bud sites from recieving full light. Simply snip the leaves where they meet the stem and discard. Your buds will thank you by increasing in size.

Interested in growing something different?

If you see a strain that we don’t have a recipe for, you can request it be added to our list. Current version can be seen here. Grobo Grow Recipes - #9 by Rich - Grow Recipes - AllGrowers Forum | Hydroponics, Harvesting, Cannabis, and more

Hermaphrodites! Do they happen in plants?

Some plants can show both male and female reproductive capacities. This can be a result of stress, environment or strain not being stable enough. You will notice small yellow ‘bananas’ mixed in with your bud. It’s best to remove them if you are able. They can germinate the surrounding bud, producing hermie seeds, which are undesirable in your final bud and will grow out to be hermies themselves.

What is Super Cropping?

One of the toughest things to manage in any indoor garden is height. Sometimes you come across a strain or plant that wants to become a tree. In this case we can utilize several methods to keep the plant away from burning on the light. As mentioned in previous notifications, you can top your plant to encourage extra colas to develop. If you are getting close to the light still, you can Super Crop your plant. This is basically bending it once to get it to a new (often horizontal) position. It is achieved by selecting where you are going to bend your plant and in which direction. Then simply hold the stem in your fingers and pinch, twist a bit and bend. You are wanting to soften the stem enough to enable you to bend and not break it. You will be able to achieve a 90 degree angle, allowing for extra space and for the buds to grow up again. Imagine a candelabra where the buds all stretch up off of a common stem. If you do snap the branch, all is not lost. You can use masking tape to ‘bandage’ the break and often the plant will heal itself after a week or so.