Week 5 Notification

During this stage of growth, the roots will continue to expand and the plant will grow taller. This is the point at which people say you can “watch your plant grow”. A healthy cannabis plant can grow up to 2 inches in a single day!

Start becoming a pro-grower!

"There are many types of advanced gardening techniques that can be utilized like topping, fimming, super cropping, low stress training, S.C.R.O.G. (SCReen Of Green) and S.O.G. (Sea Of Green). Not all of these are appropriate for use in a Grobo One. Pruning your cannabis plant will result in a higher yield and less pests than letting it grow wild on it’s own. Helping to control where your plant is exposed to light and allowing for adequate airflow under your canopy are key aspects to maximizing your yield. Knowing when, where and how to prune your plant will assist you in getting the most out of your gardening experience.

Regular maintenance

  • Remove any dead leaves from your plant, especially around the base near the soil line. This keeps bugs from setting in.
  • Remove the lower leaves from your plant. If the lower branches of your plant are not getting enough light, they will not produce much yield. Cut them off and allow the plant to focus its energy on the flowers closer to the light they need. This is often called lollipopping your plant.
  • When removing plant material, ensure you are using a clean sharp blade. Your plant can get sick if the cut is not clean, just like you can!

Topping Cannabis

  • Topping is removing the central stem at its tip, to promote the remaining branches to form 2 new central tips instead of just one. This is accomplished by cutting off the newest growth at the highest point on the plant. Done between the 4th & 5th node, be sure to use a clean & sharp blade. The removed tip is discarded and the wound left untreated. You will see the 2 remaining branches take centre stage as the two branches below them also stretch into prominence. You have now just more than doubled your yield, congrats! I have a detailed post with pictures HERE.

Are pests invading your plant?

Pests can enter your Grobo by hitchhiking on your clothing or hair. If you are invaded, here are a couple solutions you can employ.

  • Predator pests - Lady bugs are a great addition to your garden as they will devour thrips & aphids, combating the population.
  • Foliar spray - You can purchase a miticide/insecticide soap that can be applied via sprayer to the leaves or make your own out of essential oils. Peppermint, cinnamon and garlic have been reported as successful. Neem oil is also an option if used in moderation.

Extra Tools n Things

A couple of items I find really handy to have are:

  • Trimming Scissors - Under $20, they are spring loaded, sharp and sometimes have curved blades for increased accuracy.
  • Jewlers Loupe - Magnification of 60x is important to assist in viewing trichomes to determine if harvest is coming.
  • Glass Mason Jar - Once harvest is complete and your buds have finished the dry mode recipe, it’s best to cure in a sealed glass jar.

Take a cool time lapse video of your plant!

There are a couple great times to begin time lapse photography of your plant. When the seed pops and the seedling emerges from the coco pod, during fast vegetative growth and as the flowers start to develop & ripen. Set your camera to take a picture every 3-10 minutes for best results. I have had success mounting a Gopro to the inside of the door and sitting directly on the tank lid for seedlings.

pH good ranges

Your plants enjoy a range of pH levels, that are reflected in your specific schedule. Most growers check their nutrient solution twice a day and adjust as needed. Your system does this all automatically! . It is best to error on the side of caution and slightly underfeed you plants . This will encourage the natural pH swing from 5.5-6.2. The reason this is ideal is that the plants are able to take up specific nutrients more efficiently at different pH levels. By going up and down through the proper pH range the plant has good access to all nutrients required for optimal growth. Having a system automatically adjust to these levels take much of the work out of operating a hydroponic system.