Week 2

Well hope everyone XMAS was good and all is well.
Looking good with my feminized girl scout cookie.
All smiles for now! By the way this is day 1416090146339336042121794225937702|375x500


What recipe did you choose? I have GSC from ILGM, but can’t find the recipe for that. Did you select a generic recipe?

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No it’s a recipe on mine


Ay! Dee_Dee, lookin good this time around!! Congrats!

From Blimburn:

“Seeds grow into Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies phenotypes: one giving a high typical of sativas and the other typical of indicas. The bouquet is sweet and earthy and the flavor rich, minty and reminiscent of those cookies we all know and love. Bright green, purple and hairy orange buds are ready to harvest after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.”

That’s super interesting!


Ikr they say the third time is a charm


I have seeds from High Supplies. Unfortunately, I can’t find a recipe for their seeds in the grobo recipe list. I don’t think they are the actual breeders. I’ve got some ILGM seeds still. They should last awhile. I think I’m going to start checking the recipe list before buying seeds in the future.


Don’t forget you can’t go wrong with the Generic recipes :slight_smile: They work great.


Excellent point.


By me being new to growing my first set of seeds i got was white widow and girl scout in which they both have recipes. Now my second batch of seeds i kinda jumped off the porch with some Blue Haze, Purple Gelato, White Cookies, and Dolato. And I haven’t check to see if any of them had recipes.

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they have the recipes in there, just not from the breeders I bought seeds from. I’m wondering how much of a difference there is between the recipes for the same strain but from different breeders.

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I wouldn’t think it’s too much of a difference if it’s possible to use a generic recipe. Even though it be different breeders the length of grow be roughly the same