Week 10 Notification

In week 5 of flowering, you can observe the buds all over your plant becoming thicker. You may also spot new buds growing in new places such as along the main cola. With buds abounding, your cannabis plants will get fatter every day. This is a surefire sign you are in full flowering mode. At this point, your plant will have a very intensive odour. Ensure that you have a good ventilation system in place if you grow indoors or in a region that doesn’t allow for legal cultivation. Some of your cannabis plants’ previously white pistil hairs may now be turning darker into a brownish or amber colour. At the same time, when you check the trichomes of your plant, you may spot some of them becoming opaque. The trichomes becoming milky white and the hairs turning darker are all signs of your plants not being too far from harvest.

Far Red Spectrum

I’m sure you know that your Grobo has 8 seperate spectrums that are all designed to specifically grow each strain recipe you select. Did you know that one of those spectrums is a Far Red spectrum that allows us to accelerate the rate at which the plant grows. We are currently running experiments in the lab that will enable us to sneak an extra hour of light in during the flowering stage to increase your yield even further! Stay tuned in for updates!!

Remember what light pruning is?

Remember pruning your bud sites 2 weeks ago? It’s time to revisit them and ensure nothing has shifted or snuck back in front of them. Snip snip & discard any offenders you may find.

Do you smell your cannabis out of your Grobo?

Keeping the odour of cannabis contained inside of your Grobo is important. This hard work is achieved by your Carbon Filter, but it can only do so much. After about a year, you may notice that the filter is starting to wear out. Order replacements online at www.Grobo.io.

Check your 3, 4 & 5 bottles

Last week we checked on the levels of your pH bottles. Did you check all of the bottle levels? It’s important to keep them filled through the grow.