Week 1 Notifications Discussion

Have some feedback on what happens during the 1st week of notifications? Spelling errors, grammar, dangling participles, you name it, this is the place for feedback.

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I’m at day 3 now hopefully be seeing a sprout soon. Water level has not changed. Right on the mark


Is anyone else currently on week 1?

Hey brother wolf, I’m at the end of week one now. Have to do a drain and fill tomorrow. Just for future reference, if you soak your bean for 24-36 hours before putting it in the coco pod, it will sprout sooner. After the soak your bean should at the very least be cracked open along the edge. More times than not you will see the tap root already growing out. In that case take care to put the seed in the coco pod tap root down. Patience though, three days is still ok. It could take a couple more days depending on different variables. Go ahead and peak in your coco pod and see if you can see a little sprout, won’t hurt anything and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Here is a pic of my girl yesterday:


I’m not worried. I believe it’s pushing it’s way out


@Wolf. I am also on week one. Day 5 but still no sprout.

Hey @Gatorsfn28

I would be exploring at day 5 for signs of germination.

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If I don’t see it in 24 hrs i might check it. My goal is to be as hands off as possible. The less handleing the better.


Never sprouted twice now. Got some g13 pineapple express seeds. Going to start again today hope it goes well with known seeds

Going to start soaking the seed first. So official start for the grow will probably be tomorrow. I’m hoping to finally have some happy plant news.

Here she is 23 days old:smiley:

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