Wedding cake “saga continues”!

Hey there “buds”;so here is my “Wedding Cake” . As I mentioned in previous post I’ve quite a few set backs. So, now that I’m at 99 days. Flowering stage 39/62. My question is:“should I keep going even though some nugs on top appear ready to harvest? Thank as always for your advice!
Happy Holidays!!!


From what I can see they all need to go longer. There are still alot of “white hairs” that could darken. You really need to look at them with a jewelers loope.


I kinda agree with @zacuriah, I think you’re ALMOST there but you need another week or possibly two. The white hairs are an indicator of maturity, you have some oranges but a lot of white still. I think another week would show changes in the hairs to orange.

Did you manually make the Flower mode 62 days? Or, rather, which Grobo recipe are you using? Just curious. My flower stage is only 39 days with the Generic Hybrid recipe.

Most sources are saying that Wedding Cake is a 7-9 week flowering strain. Since you’re in a Grobo with a 150W LED, I feel like it’s going to be closer to the 9 week side of things, also judging from how fast and long others have had their plants in the box as well.

The top buds are always going to be riper than the bottom ones, and this is most likely also related to how tall your branches are in comparison to the lower stuff. The taller branches are hitting in the sweet spot of the light compared to the lower stuff so it’s gonna take more time.

Some people online have said that some growers will harvest the top buds (cut them off) and then let the plant go for a bit to allow the bottom stuff to ripen. I don’t know if I’d ever do this personally, especially since I will be using the Grobo to dry my flowers for now. If I had a separate dryer I might try this just to see how it works some time.

When you said they are ready to harvest… did you check with a loupe or magnifier or are you going by appearance? Just wondering!

Looking great BTW, she’s budded up nicely.