Web App down [RESOLVED]

Is everyone changing their water or setting up their new #Grobo?


Mine is up, I have an expected water change notification as well

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Mine is back up now as well. It was down for about 5 minutes. I was in the middle of a drain/fill.

Happy Growing!


Weird, my drain works fine, but my fill doesn’t work at all. I am hesitant to submit tickets now so I filled manually until the app showed filled. No obstructions of anytype. Roots look really healthy and long



James I would open a ticket asap and here is why.
Take aside that manually filling your tank doesn’t give you nutrient dispenses but that something more faulty could be at play and you could lose your plant down the road. I just lost one om day 80 something in flower stage. Not fun.


Yikes! 80 something days that’s a damn shame. Sorry that happened and Thanks for the tip. I didn’t think anything of it cause I’ve had weird issues with the grobo that were attributed to the grobo dropping the wireless connection according to the grobo team. I figured I just needed to powercycle the device and all would be well again, but didn’t want to do so since everything else is working and I validated there was nothing blocking the pump. It also appeared that shortly after I filled nutes left bottles 1/2. Again a small amount.

For what it’s worth, the plant is doing really well and I take readings a few times a day (ph, temp, ect) both water and grow area (rH/temp).

PH 6.1/6.2 bluelabs - I got a 6.16/6.18 with a lesser unit
Temp 66 degrees on all meters

Figured I just filled with Distilled water so the grobo definitely distributed nutes or ph up.

I’ve been following the Grobo nutes as well and bottles 1 & 2 have an equal amount taken each week (barely any, but noticeable that some nutes have left evenly over the past 2 weeks) and 3/4/5 haven’t been touched w/ maybe a dash of 5 but hard to tell. I had opened a ticket in regards to my Inside LEDs, but twas a loss of connection issue and I was assured that everything the grobo team was seeing looked good. I intend to drain and fill again this Saturday to get a weekend schedule to align my work schedule and upcoming vacation so maybe I’ll open one up on Monday if this weekend the drain doesn’t suck water back in.

Air stone is working (lots of bubbles)
Lights are on inside
Button functions as should
App functions work such as the glass & door lock
Roots are very white and long

Anything else I should be checking? My ppm meter has to be on the fritz (0ppm what’s in the grobo 450 tap) :man_shrugging:

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looks like the web app is down again.

Hi @TheWarden,

It’s up again - seems like this error was out of our control as our database provider was having issues last night

I apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused anyone yesterday night between the hours of 10:30PM and 2AM EST




Web App down





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Thank You!

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Is there a status page for grobo? I was losing my mind for a while thinking it was my side