We’re all beta users and this machine is permanently beta

The developers at Grobo know that there are tons of issues with their machine and they’re leaving it up to us to figure out their problems. What’s not fair is that the purchaser of this faulty product assumes for that exorbitant price of over $2,000 that all their kinks and issues are resolved yet they’re not. Simple issues like “my door won’t open” or “the sensors are not working” plagues the user. Personally, this machine has been nothing but a headache from day 1.

Yes I’m sure many of you are content with your experience with Grobo but remember that everyone is different and everyone has different expectations. No way is this machine for everyone and I do suggest people at least study cannabis/plant cultivation for at least a month before delving into it. True it’s great to learn along the way but I feel it’s wrong to pay such a high price for leaning.

I don’t feel @Stephen is a genuine person and all he does to appease the ignorant is load us with labels like “champion” or “spouter” or gives us :heart: to use. This detracts from the issues at hand. Personally I feel that Grobo and it’s business are a sham and I’ll do my best to make sure people know before they purchase it.



Yup. Clearly.

  • Personally, you have been nothing but a headache from day 1.

Multiple members here have extended a helping hand and tried to provide solutions. You self-sabotaged your first grow and Grobo experience. It’s a shame because you are missing out on quite a bit!

You don’t like the product, okay! But there’s no need for personal attacks and nasty behavior. It’s good to see that your account has been suspended. :grinning: