Ways to cool grobo without AC

I’m having trouble with the temp in the Grobo. I’ve got humidity mostly under control. Are there any ideas to help regulate the temp in the Grobo besides the obvious AC solution?


Hey @Ctaylor684

Not sure at what stage your plant is but you can try to set the light schedule to be off at the hottest times of the day. For example I’m currently in the 12/12 cycle. My lights shut off at 7:00am and come back on at 7:00pm. That should knock off a few degrees during the day. :+1:


@Ctaylor684 as @Azuri suggested, have your lights off during the hottest parts of the day, and I also have an oscillating fan running in the room with my Grobo. Has definitely made a difference.


Great idea.I’m day 31 have 6 days left in the veg stage. I also have an oscillating fan running all day makes a 5 or so degree change.


Use fans, keep windows open, keep grobo door open for more air circulation, maybe an ac unit on the side. All these methods can make a difference :fist:

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Put a fan aimed at taking the hot air flow out the back away from the grobo

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@Stephen it seems like the light decreases intensity when the door is open. I may need to leave the door open to help with heat issues so I just want to make sure the light will work the same with the door open or closed.

Will leaving the door open impact the light the plant gets?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Hey @sonnycheeba,

The lights stay the same regardless of if the door is open or not, but the plant will get less light overall with the reflective door removed. The light will leak out of the unit instead of being bounced back to the plant.



Ok, It would only be for a week or so. I don’t want to depend on my wife managing the room/grobo temp so it might be easier for me to prop the door open some while I’m out of town. It’ll be mostly closed.

Thanks for the quick reply @Stephen!