Water Top Up

When you do a top up do you just hit fill on the grobo? I want to do a top up just want to make sure no nutrients are disbursed if I do fill only. @Azuri @chris_barfield anyone :man_shrugging:t4:



Yup I do it every two days when the plant is big.


@Azuri yeah it’s crazy how much the plant drinks. I have been buying distilled water it is getting costly I’m going to have to invest in a distilled water maker. Thanks!

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I hear you. Not sure what country you’re in I’m paying $1 for a 4l jug of distilled water. The pH level is 6.5 so my grobo hardly uses any bottle #1 and #2 because of it. I feel that’s a good offset for buying distilled. I also use the flushed water for my other indoor vegetable plants growing inside. Win win. :+1: