Water temps

So I just got a lil toy to mess around with a water temp gage now my question is what’s the proper temps to keep the water at all times? dealing with different element this go around thanks for looking


I believe you don’t want your water to be any warmer than like 22-25°C in order to prevent fungus or bacteria growth on/in your roots.


Ok cool then we have good temps so far … thanks for the feed back

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Yeah ofc. Maybe someone who knows more can help you further. I don’t own a water temp gauge but that’d be neat!

Ideal temp is 65F but you will probably only be able to achieve that and a good temp in the grow box, by having a chiller. Root rot starts to become a concern at 72+

I ran chillers on both of my first grows and this time around during winter I am not using chillers. So far so good!