Water Temperature

You mentioned your in Cali, dry heat no condensation. The east coast has high heat and high humidity. If I pull anything cold out of the fridge it sweats, toilet tanks even with insulation in them are sweating.


I bumped it up to 66 and it’s much better(not dripping off hose) now. Yea it’s going to be a battle during flower to keep humidity down

@LtcTerps @Osage just curious on why you guys choose inline pumps vs submersible pumps?

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Totally off topic I’ve had a submersible water pump for a drip feeder die on me once, when it failed the self contained maintenance free pump dispensed it’s oil into my reservoir. Plants don’t like 10w30 lol. :joy:

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I preferred to save the reservoir for my plant. Is that a good enough reason?

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Hearing from Azuri story, it totally makes sense to save the reservoir for plants only. I took the leap and got the EcoPlus water chiller. Coming in two days.


My pump is submersible. I haven’t had any issues. It’s only in the res. Nothing else to mess it up.

Yea mine can be submerged but I just wanted more space in res for roots👍

This week my chiller has had to work xtra hard. Friggin heatwave had my house over 100 degrees. It’s finally back down to the mid 60’s the lowest it go during the heatwave was 72

Anybody ever used one of these before?



What city of Cali are you located in?

Looks super small and every 8 hours you have to refill it. If u got the time it seems ok but I got a much larger system for the whole room with grow tent. Has kept my temp down during our heat wave recently. Actually bought a second one for master room. Just bought my first home built in 1860 so unfortunately I have no a/c.

@LtcTerps, it looked interesting enough to check into. The first marketing ploy used college kids and dorm rooms being totally cooled down and controlled in minutes. I live in Michigan where its mostly cold so this could be an option for someone who is looking to control heat for a couple hours in the summer daytime. My goal is to be able to grow in a grow tent for the quantity next year, after I learn the basics using the grobo. I own an older home also with just one window air conditioner and no cross windows to catch a breeze unless you want the neighbors staring at you all day! Thanks for replying and I suspect that I will be using your method by next year when I get a grow or two under my belt.

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For what is worth, with respect to the water levels, I pause filling halfway and turn on the chiller pump (dropping level a bit) then resume filling so it goes to the correct height in the reservoir. That being said, the concentration of nutrients will be off due to the extra water. I haven’t done anything to mitigate that and seemed to turn out alright on my first round with the chiller.


You have to choose what’s more important root rot or water levels. I use to add extra water to my rez because my plants drank a lot.


Is the water in the reservoir being “heated” by the hot air of the air pump? I suspect that is the case! Think about it, the air pump pulls in air to produce the bubbles in the water reservoir.

I have these scenarios where the water temp is higher than the grow chamber temp? Doesn’t make sense until I thought about the concept of the bubbler using hot air!

I placed a mini usb fan at the back of the unit, pointing directly at the access port. This seems to help with airflow and the air pump seems to be pulling in cooler air, therefore keeping the water cooler.


@miami5th I noticed this a while back and can definitely say it does help to reduce reservoir temperature by at least a degree or few if enough heat is being trapped under the lid. Just removing the door helped but channeling cool air into the trap door opening helped even more.


Very interesting idea, I might try this and see if it helps.

Nice finds, gonna keep that in mind for the future. Currently my water temps have been okay the past day or two because of cooler temperature but I coulda used this trick the first week of germination