Water refill - how often? [RESOLVED]

Because I work a lot and often have business trips for several days I need an automated growbox. As far as I can see I will have to take care of the plants from time to time (trimming etc.) but how often will I have to refill the water of grobo? How long can grobo stay completly unattended and still work fine? Will there be (in the future) options to increase the time of absence (e.g. for holidays)?
Seedo claims that they automated the whole growing process so much that there is no attendence necessary (don’t believe that’s possible but still…)


Hey Fanatic,

Depending on the stage of growth you are in, Grobo can last for weeks completely unattended. We will prompt you with instructions when it’s time to trim and top your plants in order to increase your yields. In terms of water, every few weeks you should change the water out to promote better growth. We have made this process extremely easy and it makes a huge different in terms of plant growth. It is possible to skip or delay this to have fully hands off growing, but we wouldn’t recommend it!