Water level connections

I am having some issues so I am terminating the grow and breaking down the system. I pulled the reservoir to see if I can track where the water at the base is coming from. But i could not see what order the water level sensor connections were in to replace them later. Is there a wiring diagram or something that can be shared? Or just a quick note on which one goes on which connection?


what is happening?

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An apparent leak of some kind and ph problems. Keep getting a puddle at the front right of the base and went through 1.5 bottles of #2. Pretty sure the ph issue was my fault. I put the reservoir on some paper towels to see if there is a slow leak.

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How do I fix my water level sensors?

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If your Grobo has had any the following events, your water level sensors may not be operating within normal parameters and need to be checked:

  1. The reservoir isn’t filling when you press ‘Fill.’
  2. The reservoir isn’t draining when you press ‘Drain.’
  3. The light inside your unit is still green after a drain and fill.

To conduct this check, please follow the steps below:

1. Find your water level sensors

  1. Remove the reservoir lid. If you have a plant growing, you can lay the lid and root system overtop of a bucket. The plant won’t be harmed by a bit of air time.
  2. Remove the plastic shield inside the reservoir that protects your sensors.


The water level sensor shield is the plastic piece you can see in this image.


Here, the water level sensors are now accessible.

2. Check that each sensor can move freely.

  1. Using your hands, give each sensor a gently move up and down. Be careful not to twist or loosen the sensors.
  2. Look for any roots or sediment build up that can be cleaned off the sensors

3. Power cycle the unit (i.e. unplug and replug back in) and check if the event has ended.


Your gonna need to submit a ticket if you have removed the reservoir from the grobo!