Water change notification

Allgrowers im on day 59 FLOWER (day21/25). I have been getting a water change notification once a week , been on Wednesday nights, last one came in June 9 didn’t get one this week ? Is this a glitch? Is the autoflower recipe different for zkittles at this stage? Do i do a manual drain and fill? a lil help would be appreciated , thank you


Do your drain/fill once a week. You might get a notification mid week just to do a top off which is only a fill, no nutes will dispense. This is to make sure your res doesn’t go dry during flower when they drink a ton. The notifications are just a reminder, but if you keep a schedule you can ignore them.


I would say it is a glitch. It should be reminding you to do a full drain and fill once a week and a res top off once a week.


Thank you @zacuriah

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Thanks @FireGuy