Water change early, late or skip

I’ll be heading out of town for a couple days in a few weeks, with no one to watch over my little plant. Is it better to do a water change one day early, four days late, or just wait until the next water change cycle (so two weeks same water with a tip off)?


One day early for sure!


Leaving anything below 4 days you should be ok… just drain and fill before you leave.

If you leave for a longer period…
There is a few options… depending on what stage you are at.

If your plant is very young, do a water change (drain and fill) before you leave, make sure the reservoir is as full as possible the day you leave. And cross your fingers you are lucky. The smaller the plant, the longer you can leave.

If your plant is in flower stage and you plan to leave for 10 days or more without refilling the water…
Cut you plant before you leave, it will be dead when you come back anyway…
Or find someone to visit her every 4 days max. You can control the grobo from a distance with the app and talk to them on the phone or video call.

An other option would be to plant it outside.

Hope this could help, have a good trip


This is not 100% true. There are plenty of people who have set up the fill hose in a bucket or water jug outside the grobo and just done a fill to top off the tank. No nutes will dispense but the plant will survive.


And i have no doubt you are right
From there, some one could put “improved” water that already contain the nutes the plant need and you could be good for over a month. :slight_smile:
There is no limits to what you can do


I would do it the same day that u are going to leave if possible if not I would do it early :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


This is true, but I don’t think I would mix nutes to just sit in water for the month. I think if mixed the day before travel and sitting for a week would be fine, but past that I wouldn’t recommend. Would also have to have something set up for drain.